For The Love of Beer

our Brewers - Jeff Kimpe

If we had to describe our Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe’s brewing style and philosophy, it’s helpful to look to his heritage. Born in East Detroit, MI, Jeff grew up with an engrained love and respect for quality beer in all its classic styles, genetically passed on from his Belgian grandfather. From the moment he tasted his first “real beer” (a Duvel given to him by his uncle), Jeff developed a voracious appetite for beer knowledge, tasting every beer and reading every brewing book that he could get his hands on.

In 1996, with spirit and determination, Jeff made the move to Los Angeles, where he immersed himself in homebrewing and volunteered at a few L.A. brewpubs to learn all sides of the craft. Jeff made his way to Oakland, CA in 2002 to find a place in the booming Bay Area craft beer scene. A series of calls to local breweries and a few interviews later, Jeff secured a position at Pyramid Brewery where he stayed for seven years learning the intricacies of brewing on a large scale.

After paying his dues, Jeff made the move to our sister brewery, Drake’s Brewing Co. in San Leandro, CA where he spread his creative wings crafting recipes of his own. As a Drake’s brewer, Jeff always showed unwavering dedication to using top quality ingredients and never failed to take the extra step to make each beer as good as possible. With his recipes, Jeff pays homage to classic beer styles, but always with a distinct edge.

Now, as Triple Rock’s Head Brewer, Jeff is stoked to brew the great beers already well loved here, as well as new brews he’s got up his sleeve. We may be biased but he may be the most creative brewer in the Bay.