Beauty In Darkness: Ghost Town Brewing

With an ominous cloud hanging over us all, we find it appropriate that today's featured competitors tend toward the dark side, with an air of mystery. Located in West Oakland, Ghost Town Brewing may be best known for their morbidly monikered, coffin-boxed brews. Call it spooky, call it cynical but it sure is fun to be ghoulish!

Co-founder Ryan Nosek, along with brew teammates Jason Gehman and Adam Hill, are bringing some serious spice with their competition firkin: Closed Casked Bourbon Rye. This brew features a German Roggenbier-inspired grain bill, yet maintains a medium body from the use of California yeast and a West Coast IPA hop profile. "We thought it'd be fun to add a little heat," Ryan explains. "Aside from the strange looks when purchasing some pantyhose, we went a little crazy with the dry hop. Had a hell of a time putting all these hops and bourbon chips into this little firkin." The resulting 6.9% concoction will have tropical fruit and toasted rye aromas, balanced by earthy spice, caramel and dried dark fruit.

This sinister tone informs every aspect of the brewery, including Halloween masks, a black brew cat and, potentially, wayward spirits. When asked about the competition, this crew is certain they'll win, since they "consulted a Ouija board." Can't argue with that! Though their facility is not open to the public, you can find their brews on tap and in bottles around the bay, and this particular beer only at Firkin Fest 2016!


Posted 11.09.16