Mommy Long Legs: Social Kitchen & Brewery

Located in the Sunset District, Social Kitchen & Brewery is this year's only San Francisco brewery competing. Known for their intricate craft beer, Social Kitchen is also home to contemporary cuisine and complex cocktails. Existing in this universe has informed award-winning Brewmaster Kim Sturdavant's style, creating beers to pair with just about everything. He's bringing his A-game to the competition, without any ego. "I don't think we'll be the winning beer, honestly," Kim remarked. "I just hope everyone that has a glass of it says, 'Damn, that's solid!'"

The beer he's referring to? Mommy Long Legs IPA. Featuring a complex grain bill, with a full-flavored hop profile to balance it out, this IPA has a delicate amount of blood orange zest and juice. The subtle addition of citrus adds brightness to the aroma, coalescing the beer's flavors, rather than overpowering them. "This is our second batch of this beer and I've tweaked the recipe a bunch from the first one," Kim mused. "It's been really fun to make." With an attitude like that, it's like they've already won.

Next time you're in the city, be sure to stop at Social Kitchen for a meal, a brew and to say hello to this laid-back team! Join us, Kim and 20 other breweries this Saturday, November 19th, starting at 11:30am, for guaranteed tastes of 22 different beers brewed exclusively for Firkin Fest 2016!


Posted 11.15.16